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Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer

Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer
Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer
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Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer

Canon LBP 6030 Laser Printer




Canon LBP6030


Print Only

Printer type

Single Function Mono Laser

Speed PPM black

Up to 18ppm

Print resolution

600 x 600dpi

Print Paper Size

A4, B5, A5, Legal, LTR, EXE, 16K, Custom size, Plain paper, Heavy Paper, Transparency, Standard

Memory              32MB

Interface (Built-in)

USB 2.0

OS Compatibility

Win 8.1(32/64bit)/Win 8(32/64bit)/Win 7(32/64bit)/Win Vista(32/64bit)/XP(32/64bit)/Server 2012(32/64bit)/Server 2012 R2(64bit)/XP(32/64bit)/Server 2012(32/64bit)/Server 2012 R2(64bit)/Server 2008(32/64bit) / Server 2008 R2(64bit)/ 2003 Server(32/64bit)/Ma

Dimensions        364 mm x 249 mm x 199 mm


364 mm x 249 mm x 199 mm


325 ( 1600 pg)



Part No



1 year Manufacture


Canon LBP6030 ,  Functions - Print Only, Functions - Print Only, Speed PPM (Black) - 18 PPM Black, Print Resolution (Pixel) - 600x600 dpi, Paper - A4/B5/A5/LGL/LTR/EXE/16K/COM10/Monarch/C5/DL/ISO-B5/ Custom sizes, Interface - USB 2.0 Interface, Dimensions (WxHxD) - 359x249x198mm, Weight (Kg) - 5, Warranty (Year) - 1 Year Warranty. This Printer supports with Canon EP-325 Toner Black (1600 pages).

Made in China


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