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Scan Home Barcode Scanner

Scan Home Barcode Scanner
Scan Home Barcode Scanner
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  • Model: Scan Home RX-763X-08AA

Scan Home RX-763X-08AA Barcode Scanner


 Effectively scans barcodes in sensitive lighting conditions, including through glass/plastic, in bright sunlight, in dark environments, or on curved/reflective surfaces

Different interface option: USB;RS232(COM);PS/2

High Performance - Features Class 1 laser ideal for moderate to rigorous scanning applications (scans thousands of barcodes per day),and no harm for health

All system compatibility 

Reads all common 1D / linear

Ergonomic - Fits perfectly in the hand for comfortable use over extended periods

Designed & made in the China, make it in the best price

Plug and Play, no software installation required 

It can read 4 mil code or 20cm width code 

Warranty: 1 year for Barcode scanner

Professional and efficient after-sale service, reply in 24 hours

Product Description

Provide a USB cable, or you can made to order the KB, RS232 serial port, etc.

Support OEM customization and provide laser LOGO.

Customizable language, supporting export of various countries. 

Support various Settings, such as setting up reminder mode, setting up scanning mode, setting default language, etc.

300times/second of laser scanning.

It has the characteristics of fast scanning, long scan depth and wide scan angle.

one-time success

Better scanning performance, no-need to scan or arrange the barcode many times, which can be easily read by scanning

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