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Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor

Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor
Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor
Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor
Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor
Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor
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  • Model: LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor

Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor

About Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' FHD Monitor

Light and cost-effective plastic housing;

Ultra-narrow bezel , elegant appearance, Metal base;

178°H/178°V extra-wide viewing angle for overall viewing performance;

High fidelity digital processing for a brilliant and vivid video;

Support multiple signal inputs such as HDMI, VGA;

Physical button control mode;

Low energy consumption, long service life;

Anti-blue light design, eye-protective.


Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' IPS 100Hz FHD Monitor

Brand: Dahua

Model: DHI-LM22-B201S

Display: Screen Size 21.45"

Panel type: IPS

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920×1080 (FHD)

Backlight: LED

Brightness/Luminance: 250 cd/㎡(max)

Contrast: 1000:1

Display Color: 16.7M(8bit)

Viewing Angle(H/V): 178°(H)/178°(V)

Response time(typ.): 5ms

Refresh Rate: 100Hz (max)


Input: VGA×1, HDMI×1

Output: NO


Speaker: 1Wx2


Power Supply: DC 12V

Consumption (Standard): 22W

Consumption (Standby): ≤0.5W

Net Weight: 2kg (4.4lb)

Gross Weight: 3.12 kg (6.9lb)


Standard HDMI cable, Adapter, base.


Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' FHD Monitor

The Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' FHD Monitor, a high-quality display designed to offer an excellent visual experience at an affordable price. This monitor comes equipped with a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution, ensuring crisp and clear images for your viewing pleasure. The display technology used in this monitor is IPS (In-Plane Switching), which provides superior color reproduction and wide viewing angles. With a refresh rate of 100Hz and an Overdrive (OD) response time of 4ms, it delivers smooth and responsive visuals, making it suitable for gaming and multimedia applications. The monitor features an ultra-narrow bezel design and an elegant appearance with a metal base, giving it a modern and sophisticated look. Its lightweight and cost-effective plastic housing make it easy to move and position as needed. The Dahua LM22-B201S includes built-in 2x 1W speakers, eliminating the need for external speakers in most situations. This allows you to enjoy audio without cluttering your workspace with additional equipment. With a wide 178° horizontal and vertical viewing angle, the monitor ensures consistent and clear visuals from almost any position, making it suitable for group presentations or sharing content with others. The display's high-fidelity digital processing enhances the quality of videos, delivering brilliant and vivid visuals for your multimedia content. It supports multiple signal inputs, including HDMI and VGA, providing compatibility with a wide range of devices. Navigating the monitor's settings is made easy with physical button controls, allowing you to adjust various parameters quickly and efficiently. The Dahua LM22-B201S is its low energy consumption, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. Additionally, the monitor boasts a long service life, ensuring extended use and reliability. This monitor comes with an anti-blue light design, which helps reduce eye strain during prolonged use. The eye-protective feature makes it suitable for extended work hours or late-night viewing sessions. The Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' FHD Monitor combines excellent display capabilities with practical features, making it a versatile and reliable choice for various applications, from office work to multimedia entertainment. Whether you need a monitor for work or leisure, this model offers an attractive package that delivers on performance, design, and user comfort. Buy real and original Dahua LM22-B201S 21.45'' FHD Monitor from Raims International. For home delivery pls call 01911484455, 01613249758 or visit

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